Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011

DJ M.J. - XMasMixVol.7

Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011

DJ Xprep - Audiotabletten Side A + B

Freitag, 1. Juli 2011

Arsonists Mixtape

(Intro - Angie Martinez "Battle of the Beats" Champions on Hot97
The Session - 1st single (demo in 94, released in 96) a side
Halloween - 1st single (demo in 94, released in 96) b side
DJ Roc Raida (X-ecutioners) mixtape
A E I O U (Paralyzin' Vowels) unreleased demo (94)
Seed - 2nd single (demo in 95, release in 97) b side
On the Go magazine mixtape
Venom - 2nd single (demo in 95, released in 97) a side
Dstroy on Tony Touch mixtape
Freestyle featured on Mot Top single "Verbal Assault" (96)
89.9 Stretch Armstrong Show, hosted by Bobbito (97)

Mr. Sinista (X-ecutioners) mixtape
Blaze - 3rd single (demo in 97, released in 98) a side
Jise featured on Kuttin Kandie (Anomolies) mixtape
D&D mixtape (unreleased 97)
14 Years of Rap - 1st WHT single (arsonists & non-phixion project) (99)
Flashback - 3rd single (demo in 97, released in 98) b side
Swel on DJ Reflex mixtape
DJ Camilo "Latin Connection" mixtape
Interlude - Dstroy's Dyslexia (funny as hell...)
Geembo's Theme - 3rd single (demo in 96, released in 98)
Outro - Jise and Q shout outs over "Backdraft instrumental")
thx to freestyle